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Inside Nick's bedroom
Inside Nick's bedroom

# The first thing Nick ever sang live in a competition was a Backstreet Boys song at age 6!


# The song Please Be Mine was originally called Please Remind Me


# When Nicholas was three years old, they would call him their 30-year-old man.


# When Nicholas first played 'Tiny Tim', he couldn't sing because a crew member was the scariest man he'd ever seen.


# In Nick's first performance as 'Tiny Tim', he completely forgot the lyrics to his solo and stared blankly at the audience


# Before Broadway, Nick performed in two productions: Two from Galilee and Mr. Brooks Goes to Bethlehem.  These were regional/church productions not under the AEA.


# The first autograph Nick signed was for a family friend of his.  When asked for the autograph, Nick said, "You're my friend!  Why are you asking me for my autograph?"


# When Nick had to understudy for one of the Tiny Tims in A Christmas Carol, he had about one day of rehearsal.


# Nick was Annie Get Your Gun's final Little Jake on Broadway. 


# Joe recieved private roller-skating lessons to ensure he would get the role in La Bohème.


# When he was little, Joe would put underwear over his head and run around the house with his brothers, saying "I'm the Underwear Man!"


# Nick claims that when he was at Bible camp, just before he was going to sign onto another 6 months of Beauty and the Beast, God spoke to him and told him he would be Les Mis and touch a lot of people. The next week he recieved a phone call offering him the part of Gavroche.


# Nick once missed a family vacation because he didn't want to miss any shows.  He was presumably in Les Misérables at the time.


# When Nick was in Les Mis, he and the other child actors would have their own version of the show in their dressing rooms during their down time.  They would build their own barricades and everything, and it would get a little out of hand sometimes. The management team would walk in and ask what they were doing, and the kids would respond with a simple "we're doing the show."


# Nick was the last of 40 young actors who played Gavroche in the original production of Les Mis.  For 3 years, he held the title of the last Broadway Gavroche, but since the 2006 revival, that title is now held by Zach Rand.  


# It is believed that Nick still holds the record for most Broadway shows at the age of eleven, but there isn't an official record.


# Nicholas and Allison Brustofski used to car-pool to The Sound of Music rehersals and performances.


# Nick has performed in four Broadway theaters: the Marquis, Lunt-Fontanne, Imperial, New Amsterdam, and the Palace Theatres, as well as the Theatre at Madison Square Garden.  Joe has performed in The Broadway Theatre and Radio City Music Hall.  Update: As of now, Nick has performed in five Broadway theaters, now including the Al Hirschfeld Theater for How To Succeed...


# The stage doors (the doors the performers and crew use) for the Marquis, Lunt-Fontanne, and Imperial Theatres are all on the same street: West 46th St. right off Times Square.


# All of the shows that Nick and Joe performed in are no longer on Broadway. 
*Edit: Les Miserables has returned to Broadway as of March 2014


# Nick met the members of N*Sync a few times while performing on Broadway, as well as other celebrities.


# When Nick was 11, he had nightmares about his song Appreciate, in which he dreamt his father died. Joe said Nick slept in his bed for a week after that.


# The song Appreciate, from Nick's solo album, was written by James Bourne (from the band Busted).


# When the boys still went to regular school, Nick was failing his music classes because of his Broadway work.


# Nick can't read sheet music.


# When Nick was in elementary school, girls used to chase him around at recess until he would sing for them. It got to be such a problem, that Nicholas went to the principal, who later made an announcement that he was banned from singing in school!  


# Kevin was born at 12:20 pm in Teaneck, New Jersey on a Thursday. Joe was born in Casa Grande, Arizona, at 9:58 am on a Tuesday. Nick at 3:39 am in Dallas, Texas on a Wednesday.