In this page we give you rare pictures of the Jonas Brothers in their younger days, nothing to do with Broadway! It also include some of Frankie. So take a look around and enjoy!

We'd like to credit and thank all the original owners of the pictures - if you are/know the owner and would like credit or the pictures taken down, just send us an email to rmh.njb@hotmail.com


(pictures in a vague timeline)

School pictures

Yes, the boys did go to school at a point of their lives. They only started being homeschooled when work became too much, and couldn't manage school and family time anymore, when Joe was around 7th grade, Nick at 3rd and Kevin in high school.

What do you see?

Here are some family pictures of the boys found on backgrounds of photos and videos. They are small and a bit blurry, sometimes so much that we can't figure out what we're looking at. We'll post our guesses in the description. If you guys have any guesses, you can write them down below! And if you happen to have any of these pictures in a better quality, or anything else, email us! -check contact for that-

We do not own any of these pictures!

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    Robin (Wednesday, 24 April 2013 03:40)

    On the second picture where you guys think it's Joseph with a leg on a chair. I personally think that 'chair' is an Easter Basket. And I agree that could be Joseph.